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As a life-long Alaskan, I am able to share a wealth of experience with Alaskan Real Estate enthusiasts. From acquisition and sales,location, surveying, appraisal, subdivisions, both residential and commercial, construction, financing, processing documents through legal channels and completed sales, My life has been saturated in Alaskan Real Estate. My experience with wilderness adventures led me to own several tourist-orientated business throughout the years. 

From dog mushing in the 1970s to the largest guide service on the Kenai River in the early 1990s, I have kept the promise to myself to explore as much of Alaska as is possible. Armed with experience, confidence, and knowledge of remote locations gives me the ability to provide logistics required for ultimate results. I look forward to serving my clients, friends and referrals to find their own Alaskan Real Estate dreams. Safe travels.

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address345 Lingonberry Lane
Kenai, AK 99669

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